16 June 2022 11:54

The British gerontologist, Sarah Harper, presents to the Deputy General the main lines of the report Bay of Biscay, Bay of Care

Provincial Council Chairperson’s Office - Diputado General

‘Bay of Biscay, Bay of Care’ is a process of reflection at a European level on the long-term care model launched two years ago by the Bizkaia Provincial Council of Biscay to define future responses for the care of people in a situation of dependency.

Sergio Murillo, Sarah Harper Unai Rementeria

The General Deputy of Bizkaia, Unai Rementeria, has received today at the Palacio Foral the gerontologist and demographer Sarah Harper, from the Institute of Ageing at Oxford University and advisor to the Government of the United Kingdom. Harper heads the group of university and research experts with recognized experience and knowledge of the different European social and healthcare models from Belgium, Scotland, Romania/Ireland, Italy and Sweden/Denmark. This group is developing the 'Bay of Biscay, Bay of Care' report to define the basis for the future model of long-term care.

The report, which is in its final drafting phase, aims to respond to the current and future needs of care for dependent persons, a challenge shared by Europe as a whole. In addition to the demographic changes of recent years, the expectations and needs of the elderly have also changed, thus generating the challenge and the need to transform the services and resources aimed at long-term care, whether these take place in residences, in day centres, at home, both informally and formally, remotely or in person, and whether they are of a social or health nature. A reflection that from the Bizkaia Provincial Council of Bizkaia is understood as absolutely necessary to respond to the demographic challenge not only in quantitative terms but also in qualitative terms, from a long-term perspective and aligned with Europe.

Sarah Harper gave the Deputy General a preview of the main lines of the final report they are working on and stressed that it is a key moment to change the way we think, feel and act about care.

For his part, Unai Rementeria shared the efforts that Bizkaia is making in the transition of long-term care through the projects launched, such as the transformation of residences into living units or the etxeTIC model centres to support people staying at home.

A preview of the outline of the "Bay of Biscay, Bay of Care" report is available on the website: https://web.bizkaia.eus/es/web/bayofbiscay

The coordination of the work is being carried out in collaboration with AGE Platform Europe, the main European network of organizations working for the rights of the elderly.

Bay of Biscay, Bay of Care' is an initiative that is part of the Bizkaia Egiten legislature plan.


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